Open your sails, Open your mind !!!
  • Spetses

A stone’s throw from the capital of Greece, the islands of the Argosaronic act as stress buster and are a timeless and beloved destination.

Aegina is the closest island to Athens with its beautiful neoclassical harbor. Especially picturesque, with clean seas, famous monasteries, important archaeological sites, charming town and beautiful villages, Aegina is famous for peanuts, ceramics and lace.

Agistri island is the smallest of the Saronic islands.The combination of the dark green of the beautiful dense pine forest and the different shades of the turquoise clear blue sea are magical. The island’s name means ‘hook’ in English, and you will be sure to be hooked by Agistri!

Hydra, the most picturesque island of the Saronic Gulf, with atmospheric boutique hotels in restored mansions, stylish restaurants and lively night life. The island is listed as an architectural reserve and it’s blissfully free of motor vehicles. Photogenic donkeys do most haulage. The clip-clop of the beasts’ hooves on marble pavement and their drovers’ cries are very much part of the soundtrack here.

Equally picturesque Spetses are a favorite island for stylish and romantic getaway. In the Medieval times, the island flourished with trade and the locals constructed elegant mansions that survive till today. The town is large and ideal for long promenades. Many beautiful beaches are found around the island and a large festival takes place in Spetses on the second weekend of September, the Armata Festival.

More low profile beuatiful and unspoiled Poros has its own fans. The island’s name means narrow strait, and is separated from the Peloponnese and the picturesque town of Galatas by a 370 meters canal. It is considered the most romantic place. Poros is a very green island, you can admire the pines that cover the small hills and the beaches.

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