Open your sails, Open your mind !!!

Like all universal truths, the truth about holidays is that different people choose to experience their holidays in different ways.
We have the loners, the trendy, the extreme, the families, those in love and those in seek of love, the athletics, the very tired, those bored, the organized, the gourmet lovers, the naturalists, all seeking to take out the maximum benefit from their holidays. But mind you, you don’t have to be one of the above characters, to enjoy what a yacht charter has to offer. You only have to be yourself.

No matter where you choose to go, no matter how big is your budget, no matter how far you are willing to travel, choosing to trust us for your holidays is our honour. We are not here to ‘sell’ holidays in packages, we are here to help you live your holidays, experience them, plan them according to your individual needs but…we have one more ace hidden in our sleeve; with Opensea no specific style of holidays is required, although we can satisfy all, we provide you with the choice of freedom. Should you choose to alter your holidays style, should you choose to alter your route, Opensea can meet your new demand. Because after all, don’t forget that you are on holidays, and tight schedules, commitments and engagements should be there only if you want so.

We really take pride in the fact that our extensive expertise allows us to offer ‘tailor’ made routes according to your own needs and wants, based on what you dream to experience during your holidays. We will therefore be more than happy to plan a new route from Day 1, after we discuss together what your expectations are from your holidays, after we fully comprehend how you want to experience your holidays to come.

We would like to thank you for trusting us with your time, and we do hope that you will enjoy the rest of the site.


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